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Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera

Samsung Galaxy S9 Camera Rumors

After launching the latest generation of Galaxy Note series, Samsung is now preparing for the next big thing. The company is ready to come out all new flagships blazing to compete for the hype of iPhone X that is currently still dominating the current news cycle. Rumors and reports out there are spreading out telling about the company’s planning for the next flagship. It is just a typical reaction when Samsung is about launching a new handset, especially for some tech enthusiasts who are trying hard to see what is the company’s planning for the new flagship. From their enthusiasms, we can now look at some reports revealing about what is going on inside the big secret of Samsung Galaxy S9. Frome one of those sources we currently referred to, we got some clues telling us about the back of the S9 that will be changed a lot. These changes are involving one of the essential parts of the phone, that is the camera. Let’s find out the further explanation of this report as follow.

A lot of changes on the back of Samsung Galaxy S9

Dual-camera smartphones become more popular this year than its debut since the introduction of some big names with this camera setup. Even the closest brother Galaxy Note 8 is also entering the market with the introduction of its excellent dual cameras. Regarding this, there are a few reports about the dual cameras of the next Samsung flagship. One of the sources – Ice universe – tweeted that the back of the Galaxy S9 will change a lot. Sadly, there’s no further explanation from this Chinese leaker, who is known for excellent reliability when revealing covered facts of Samsung new flagship. We, in this case, are making our own interpretation of this statement and put dual cameras as one of the possible changes to the next phone. We have this assumption regarding the dual camera phone’s market that involves some a few big names like Apple, LG, and also the latest Google’s Superlative Pixel 2 camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 should be much better than the current generation Galaxy S8. Therefore, we found two other potential areas it might have significant improvement besides the rear camera. Our first assumption is pointed out to the fingerprint sensor located on the Galaxy S8. The position of the fingerprint sensor of the S8 is awkward and hard to reach. So, it would make sense to us if the company move the location of this sensor into a more central to make it easier to achieve. There is another thing that can be a part of the changes of the S9. It is the necessity of using a mix of aluminum and glass. This feature will benefit the S9 for its durability and capability of wireless charging. Seemingly, a smartphone with wireless charging currently becomes popular. It would be nice to hear any good news about it on the S9.

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera

Here, we have another source revealing something in correlation with the Galaxy S9 camera. Based on this site, the S9 is about having the otherwise possibility for its camera. Vtechgraphy posted a report containing a chance of the Galaxy S9 to come with the single rear shooter. Based on this Chinese website, the single lens of the S9 would adjust the aperture, improving the size to let in more light in dark settings. This site suggests that the adjustment of the S9’s camera would happen automatically, though the user has an option to use manual control over the aperture. Besides mentioning about the single lens of the Galaxy S9 rear shooter, this website also wrote that there’d be a treatment of dual cameras in the larger version Galaxy S9 Plus. If it is true that the S9 Plus will feature this dual camera setup, it should be much better than the one on the Note 8, or at least it has the same quality. Furthermore, the report also suggests that the Samsung Galaxy S9 camera would have an aperture of f/1.5. It would be a significant improvement remembering the widest aperture on the current smartphone is f/1.6, as it is seen in some phones newly released this year. While the second lens of the S9 Plus is suggested to have an aperture of f/2.4, still based on that report. Well, we can’t take a guarantee from a few opinions to be confirmed, but we might have the same expectation to see the future Samsung’s flagship with its great improvement.



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