Revamped Design of Samsung Galaxy S9 Entirely

Samsung Galaxy S9 Design

Design of Samsung Galaxy S9

It has been just a while since the release of Samsung Galaxy S8, and it began reaching the store shelves, but now we are all too busy in the talk about its successor. Samsung Galaxy S9 and even S9 Plus are expected to be introduced in the first quarter of 2018, closer to the MWC. There are various speculations and expectation about the future flagship of Samsung. In fact, the company is still keeping all details about their planning for the upcoming handset in secret. No matter how hard they are trying to hide it, there are still some leaks to help us see through the wrapped mystery. Some of them are revealing about the revamped design of Samsung Galaxy S9 entirely. Well, the future phone which is expected to be named as Samsung Galaxy S9 is likely to come with a radical design to compete for the current leading flagship. Below, we have compiled some sources mentioning about the S9 and S9 Plus design. Check them out below.

Revamped back design of Galaxy S9

Based on a few recent leaks, the back of Samsung Galaxy S9 will change a lot. The significant change of the Galaxy S9 back design is firstly revealed by a Chinese leaker Ice Universe. This leaker posted on Twitter claiming that there’ll be a substantial change to the back of the Galaxy S9. We are curiously want to know the further explanation of that statement. Sadly, that mysterious tweet is stopping right there and leaving us with one question: What does it mean? Well, if we are talking about the back of the S9, probably it is about the camera, fingerprint sensor, or any possible thing to be in the rear of the phone. Rumors then suggest that the next generation of Galaxy S series would come with dual cameras as seen on the Note 8 or even the better one. Some other rumors also expect the upcoming S9 would move the location of the fingerprint sensor into the center to make it easier to reach.

In-display fingerprint sensor

Rumors that have been around us lately are suggesting the company to integrate the fingerprint sensor into the display of the phone. Regarding this talk, there is a report saying otherwise. The Investor notes that Samsung seemingly won’t make it for the S9. According to this South Korean publication, Samsung has been working on an in-display sensor for years. Sadly it reportedly keeps running into some technical difficulties that fail it from working correctly. However, it doesn’t mean that the company isn’t working on this in-display fingerprint sensor technology at all. The report even suggests that the company still planning the tech for the next Galaxy Note 9 if it is not possible for the S9. Samsung has an opportunity to make this tech possible for the S9 if the introduction of the S9 is later than the expected time.

Dual cameras to the front and rear of Samsung Galaxy S9

The hottest leaks about the S9 comes from TechDroider showing two possible concept images of the phones. Apparently, the design looks almost identical to the current generation S8. This report is even showing the potential bad news about the ditch of the headphone jack. Regarding the probably missing round port, the Ice Universe says otherwise that Samsung will keep this headphone jack on the S9. Interestingly, the report also mentions the trusted sources telling about the dual cameras of the front and rear of the S9. With the infinity display to boost the design of the future handset, the dual cameras to the front and back would make this phone as the first choice for smartphone users who use the phone for taking high-quality photos.

We are still far enough from the possible schedule of the Galaxy S9 release date, but it means everything to know something before it is unveiled. Hopefully, there’ll be more leaks telling us about the design of this phone. We’d be glad to put it here for you for an update.

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