Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories : DeX Pad

Samsung DeX Pad - Galaxy S9 DeX Pad Accessories

Samsung DeX Pad: Samsung Galaxy S9 Accessories

One of the most interesting accessories of Samsung Galaxy S9 is the DeX Pad. It makes the Galaxy S9 a better mini computer. We have seen the DeX Station last year which allows users to have a desktop-like experience with their Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 8. The DeX wasn’t perfect, but the company is improving the accessories and launch the DeX Pad for the Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus this year. Here, we round up everything you need to know about the DeX Pad.

How it works

Samsung DeX Pad allows you to enjoy a desktop-like experience with your new Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. You can add a monitor and a keyboard to browse the web just like when you use your computer. You can also add a mouse if you wish to and enjoy your favorite apps or do many things you usually do with your computer, simply by using your phone, on a full-size screen. However, you can enjoy the DeX interface with your phone so you can enjoy a desktop-like experience without a mouse.

The DeX Pad allows you to use your Galaxy S9 or S9 Plus as a touchpad. It uses the original HDMI cable and charger included with DeX Pad. This accessories is currently available on selected Samsung smartphones running Android 8.0+.

The new DeX Pad docks the S9 horizontally while the first DeX dock held phones up vertically. You can enjoy the multitouch gestures, simply tap the phone as there’s no click needed.

You will find a cooler fan under the dock to help your phone stay cool. You will also find USB Type-C and HDMI. Your phone will be connected to the pad physically via another USB-C.

You can enjoy almost all Android apps on your phone in the DeX Pad on a monitor. You will also be able to enjoy a software keyboard as it is coming soon so you will soon be able to enjoy a desktop-like experience without extra physical keyboards or mice.

The DeX Pad also allows you to enjoy the fast charge for your Samsung Galaxy S9 or S9+ while working from it.

However, there is no access to the rear fingerprint sensor when docked so you will need to use a PIN code or iris scanning for it.

The DeX Pad includes two USB-A 2.0 ports, an HDMI port, and a USB-C port.

Samsung DeX Pad Compatibility

Samsung DeX Pad is currently compatible with Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus. So, it won’t work with older phones right away. The DeX Pad will be able to connect to monitors with higher resolutions.

Samsung DeX Pad Pricing

The Samsung DeX Pad is available for $ 99.99. It includes Fast Charge wall charger, USB-C cable and HDMI cable† and built in fan to keep your phone cool while docked.


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