Samsung Galaxy S9 DeX Pad

Samsung Galaxy S9 DeX Pad

Samsung DeX Pad is the Secret Weapon of Galaxy S9

Rumors and reports which have been around so far are suggesting Samsung be ready to launch the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus smartphones earlier than the expected time. As we are counting down to the due time, there are many more leaks reveal the plan for the S9 and S9 Plus. Some reports even showing the South Korean company’s ambitious plans to bring the next flagship Galaxy S9 to the desktop with some more exciting updated features.

Regarding the more improvements made for smartphones, there’ll be many more things people can do about it. That’s why Galaxy S9 is expected come with a new DeX accessory to enable the users having a more use of the handset. With the latest version of DeX (Desktop Extension) added on the Galaxy S9, the users will be able to attach a full-sized keyboard, mouse, and even a display monitor to the peripheral, and then the S9 handset docks to the DeX. That’s what you need to have a capable desktop computer running Android, where you can access all the files and applications on the S9 and run it like a computer for doing the work.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and DeX Pad

Samsung is planning to announce a backward-compatible DeX docking station. When the company launches the S9 and S9 Plus early in 2018, as Galaxy Club reports it, it will also offer a DeX Pad alongside the new S9 and S9 Plus. DeX Pad will situate the phones flat and utilize the displays as either a touchpad or a virtual keyboard, based on the report. Actually, DeX Pad is the new version desktop extension peripheral which acts as well as the docking station and hub for the keyboard, mouse, and screen. The report furthermore explains that the pad will be available in a black color and deliver wireless charging to the S9 or S9 Plus as well. That’s why when it is docked on it, the dock also charges the phone.

SamMobile reported earlier that The DeX Pad will likely provide the same functionality by allowing users to use the upcoming Samsung flagship as a computing device. The report also explains that the name DeX Pad suggests the new version get a redesign which means that the new version will come with the redesign from a position that displays the phone at an angle, to a horizontal lie-flat seat. That offers up the intriguing possibility of using the upcoming handset screen as a trackpad, alongside the keyboard and monitor.

Although it is exciting to imagine the whole great thing to roll out together next year, we are still keeping many questions about it. Apparently, there are many more questions than answers surrounding the new version which is called as DeX Pad right now. The report of Galaxy Club only telling us that the company is currently working on the DeX Pad. There’s no more insight into how the device might work and precisely what it might look like or even what we can do more with it. We are also willing to know which ports of the upcoming handset that will live on the DeX Pad, enabling us to convert the phone into a full-fledged computing device. We’re also curiously looking for any information about the price of the device, but there’s nothing to help us answer these questions.

Secret weapons: Dex Pad and Android Oreo

Sam Mobile is reporting that Samsung has begun testing the Galaxy S9 in earnest. The Galaxy Club as the source of the report shows us that Samsung has already started a testing on both regular S9 and the S9 Plus models with Android 8.0.0 Oreo. It should come unsurprisingly that the company is finally putting its upcoming handsets through the paces already. Many companies usually start an early testing before showing off the handset to the public to ensure the hardware and software will work well together in the final product. This report helps us figure out that the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus will run the latest Android version 8.0.0 Oreo.

If we got it confirmed, As we all know, Android Oreo is the newest Android version that enables users to employ a smartphone’s display as an input device. When it is combined with the DeX Pad, it will be a great duet as the secret weapon of the company. Utilizing the phone’s display as an input device is quite compelling to replace the function of a keyboard and mouse. Thus, Samsung won’t need to concern about the separate mouse and keyboard functionality. That’s why it would be excellent to know that the Galaxy S9 will run the Android 8.0.0 Oreo in correlation with DeX Pad. From here, we can make more use of the phone. The great combination of DeX Pad and Android Oreo is the secret weapon of Samsung to increase the selling point of Galaxy S9.

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