Samsung Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan Features

Samsung Galaxy S9 Intelligent Scan

Samsung Galaxy S9 is only a month away and we have more and more hot news about the phone. A new leak shows some specs and features of Galaxy S9 after we have the final design of the handset. Let’s take a look.

Intelligent Scan Feature

According to Forbes, SamCentral found a hidden feature called ‘Intelligent Scan’. It looks like Samsung’s answer to Face ID on the iPhone X which combines both iris and facial recognition. This intelligent scan could be one of the best feature on the Galaxy S9. The face ID on the iPhone X is currently a hot topic but combining the face ID with iris scanner sounds better. But we’ll see about it later.

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Dual Sim Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung seems to not only launch two new handsets next month. An information on the company’s website has now confirmed there will be a third variant of the Galaxy S9. The third model is a dual sim model which is usually targeted for Asian market. However, this dual sim model is listed on Samsung’s German website. This means that the dual sim Galaxy S9 Plus could arrive to Europe this year.

The Intelligent Scan on Samsung Galaxy S9 could be the company’s answer to the Apple’s face ID on the iPhone X. However, Samsung has no word regarding the leaked feature of the handset just yet so we better wait for Samsung’s Unpacked event on February 25th.

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